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Posted over 1 year ago by Grace Grau

Join us for the 42nd National Association of Hispanic Nurses® (NAHN) Annual Meeting! This year’s theme will be Transforming Health Care in Latino Communities: Bridging Disparities and Ending Inequities.

Nurses, physicians, nurse educators, researchers, clinicians, case managers, healthcare innovators and students. NAHN welcomes your innovation, knowledge, expertise, research, challenges and successes. This year, we boldly address timely issues surrounding the transformation of Latino healthcare to bridge disparities and end inequities. The 2017 NAHN Annual Conference in Phoenix is shaping up to be the best conference yet with exciting activities and rich content. Join us! Be immersed in our diverse culture and experience all there is to offer at NAHN 2017.

Conference Tracks

The conference is planned around four tracks:
Track 1 Research/Scholarship
Track 2 Clinical Practice
Track 3 Leadership
Track 4 Education

Conference Learning Objectives:
Describe evidence based research on healthcare issues that are transforming the inequities and disparities among the Hispanic population and the impact on health care outcomes and the healthcare system.
Identify evidence based practices that will transform healthcare practices of Hispanics by providing culturally congruent health care in all health care settings to decrease disparities and inequities.
Recognize the value of education to transform health care delivery for students, patients, nurses, and leaders to improve health care, optimize health care outcomes.
Promote professional leadership that transforms the image of Latino nurses which incorporates visibility, personal career goals, mentorship, and networking and impacts health care at local, state, regional, and national levels.

Go to web site for Conference details or contact Grace Grau, President


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